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Ferrari / Феррари F50

Номер Великобритании, Система 1932 года

GRRC Members Meeting
Goodwood, West Sussex, GB
August 2008

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  • Brand: Volkswagen
  • Model: Golf Match Fsi 115 A
  • Fuel: Petrol
  • Colour: Grey
  • Engine Size: 1598cc
  • Horsepower: 114 bhp
  • Mileage: 65331 miles on 16 March 2018
  • Year: 2008
  • Type: Car
  • Registered: 19 March 2008

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Oryx 2017-12-09 06:15:18 | #1

My favorite Ferrari! Great spot!!


Exige_240R 2017-12-09 15:18:50 | #2

Oryx (2017-12-09 06:15:18)


Thanks! Glad you like it  :)
When I find old photos I've taken I sometimes find spots like these so maybe I will find more F50 photos. I've spent most of my life with cars so I find it difficult to remember what I have seen now!


Oryx 2017-12-09 22:23:26 | #3

I agree, when I found out about this site I obviously had many photos to sort through, and will have many more once the Canadian galleries open up, its nice to find a site where I can share these photos!

I heard there are only two RHD F50's in the world, one in the UK and another in Hong Kong.


Exige_240R 2017-12-09 22:51:27 | #4

Oryx (2017-12-09 22:23:26)

I agree, when I found out about this site I obviously had many photos to sort through, and will have many more once the Canadian galleries open up, its nice to find a site where I can share these photos!

I heard there are only two RHD F50's in the world, one in the UK and another in Hong Kong.

Yeah it's crazy trying to find, edit and upload years of photos (that match the criteria for the site), as well as keeping up with new photos I take on trips and locally! I try to upload a mix to keep it interesting, some old photos, some more recent - trouble is I'm taking more than I can edit/upload so I'll never win this battle  :D
I'm looking forward to the Canada galleries, albeit not as much as you! I have a few photos to upload (no F50 but I do have photos of an F40 on Ontario plates).

I'm not that knowledgeable about the F50 as I've never worked with one, and I don't know anyone (in person) with one so they have always been off my radar. I didn't know there were any RHD F50 made, but if there is one in the UK I'll try to find it! F40 and Enzo are the models I have a lot more experience and knowledge with... but they are also much more common!


Oryx 2017-12-10 05:35:04 | #5

Agreed, I've been trying to take as many pictures as I can in preparation for the Canadian galleries, specifically high end vehicles as well as vehicles which aren't commonly found on the other side of the pond. Looking forward to seeing the Ontario F40, Ontario seems to have a large percentage of those type of vehicles in Canada! I've got a handful of F40 spots and one F50 all on Alberta plates. No Enzo yet!

It's honestly amazing how many high end and rare cars are located in the UK. Walking around central London was a car-spotters dream come true for me, and all these events have such a high caliber of vehicles!


Exige_240R 2017-12-10 13:29:34 | #6

Oryx (2017-12-10 05:35:04)


That's good thinking, and something I have started to do recently when I travel, even if the country isn't yet on here, just to give myself a bit of "stock". I know that Canada has more lenient import rules than USA, so I'm guessing you do get to see some unusual cars there! One thing that is nice about the UK is that almost anything can be registered for road use here, even if it needs a few small modifications like I had to do on my Mustang to register it. What is the import age for cars in Canada? Because I have considered the idea of working in Canada for a few years and would take at least the Mustang and the FRP with me, but being from 2000 I don't know if I could register it in Canada, or just leave it on GB plates and hope...
That's cool to have seen an F50 on Alberta plates! So I will wait for the Canada galleries with much anticipation to see what you have  =)

Despite very high running costs in the UK (expensive fuel, insurance and road tax), as a nation, we generally like our cars, and it is very common to find someone with 2 (or more) cars themselves, one often being a weekend toy. We are prepared to spend the money to enjoy owning cars, and in the same light, enjoy taking them out for a drive and letting other people enjoy them at events - often a smaller local event will have an Aventador or similar turn up "just because it was an excuse to go for a drive somewhere new".
London is full of supercars you are right, and when I work roughly once a week in Kensington I'll always see a handful of nice cars that I haven't seen in that area the previous week. I rarely take photos now though as you become a bit "supercar blind" when they are parked on every street corner  :D

It does make car and plate spotting quite exciting here as you said!


Oryx 2017-12-10 20:12:13 | #7

Thats exactly it, I believe cars must be 15 years old to import them into Canada, so if i'm not mistaken the Mustang would be OK. Imports are quite popular here, especially in British Columbia and on any given drive you are bound to see a handful of (mainly japanese) imports of all shapes and sizes. Interestingly enough I saw a ute yesterday, looked like a holden commodore but I will have to do some supplementary research to compare to the grainy photo I took of it driving away. Nonetheless it was a first for me.

I've noticed that the UK seems to have imports from all over the world, which makes spotting more exciting especially if you know what you're looking for. Another exciting thing about spotting over there is international plates, it's just incredible how many different plates can be spotted from various countries.


Exige_240R 2017-12-10 22:31:04 | #8

Oryx (2017-12-10 20:12:13)


The Mustang is 2004 but I'm not worried about that as an equivalent model is sold in Canada (since my car is California spec) so should be a compatible import, it's the FRP that I'm most interested in as there was no car on that platform sold in North America, making it more tricky for importing... But as it is about to turn 18 it should be fine if the opportunity presents itself!
Cool spot on the Ute  :thumbs up: Holden/HSV Ute's are more popular here than the Ford models to import (I am led to believe because there are shared components from GM available in Europe for repairs, where Ford Australia has no shared components to Ford Europe). I've spent a lot of time in America, but still never made it to Canada yet, so even if I can't move there for a while I keep saying I must visit - and it sounds like I might be able to spot some interesting cars too!

American and Japanese cars are the most popular for importing here, and until this year the Mustang was not sold in the UK, yet there will always be a Mustang (not always mine) at a car show here so it shows how popular importing a car from the other side of the world is, even if the wheel is on the wrong side for us. Australian imports are quite rare to see despite the steering wheel side being shared. Japanese market models, often versions of cars available here, like the Impreza STI S204, but also models not sold here like that Nissan Figaro thing are all popular choices as usually "cheap" to buy. I do like to see an imported car from another market (less interested in the Japanese imports as they are very common to see), and will try to get a photo when possible!

There are people who have seen stuff like Kurdish Iraq and China plates in London! Sadly I've never been that lucky but I have had a fair share of very cool plate sights, including South Africa in my street, and last Thursday a classic Buick from Queensland, Australia in the next village from me!


Oryx 2017-12-11 00:28:04 | #9

I wish I could provide you with some more insight into Canadian import laws, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. The car scene in Canada is limited to the summer months, with the exception of the west coast, however cities like Montreal, Toronto and Calgary have lots to offer. Vancouver seems to have the best cars, and the mild climate means cars can be spotted and events attended year round.

Interestingly enough a large majority of imports we see here are things like vans (a lot of Mitsubishi Delicas), and kei trucks along side your typical sportier cars. I always enjoy seeing imported cars that aren't the typical Imprezas or Lancers.

Always amazes me when I hear about cars registered in places like Africa and South America driving around in Europe. I typically see a handful of european license plates every year and I see to be seeing an increasing number in Mexican plates as well. I've seen photos from Vancouver of a Japanese registered Mclaren 675LT as well as a UAE registered Gallardo STS. The most exotic plates I have personally seen here are South Africa and Puerto Rico, unfortunately neither of which I have pictures of as they were flying past on the highway.


Минск 2017-12-11 01:24:50 | #10

Sorry Guys I didn't read all your comments, I just wanted to say that there was an yellow F50 in Top Gear, look here at 14:30


Exige_240R 2017-12-12 03:28:43 | #11

Oryx (2017-12-11 00:28:04)


Thanks for the info you gave anyway, it all helps! And yeah I can guess the car scene is limited by weather, and that would really depress me since all my cars are sporty / race track focused cars I think I would really miss not driving them all year round (explains why I see nice cars on Ontario plates in Florida!). I guess I would sell the STI here and buy an Canadian spec model over there, no sense in shipping a UK version of a car that is available over there. Vancouver sounds promising though, and I've heard good reports about it generally in the past too, so although I was looking at Ontario, it seems Vancouver/BC might be better suited to my wants!

Sounds like your imports are much like ours then, Delicas and Mazda Bongos are very popular imported cars here too...

Well the overland drives are the ones that impress me the most, I'm quite sure the UAE Gallardo you saw didn't drive across western Asia, all of Europe, stick it on a boat and drive up across America to get to Canada! And if he did - much respect!! We had a Nigerian personalised plate come into my old workplace, which was the most exotic I saw there, and still the only Nigerian registered car I've seen so far, it was on a Maybach and was shipped over for maintenance, but still amazing to see it! South African plates are not uncommon to see, not every day, but I will see a handful each year on cars or bikes. Mostly on classic cars as apparently they are much cheaper there so the cars come over with the plates and I guess I am just lucky to see them before they are registered on British plates...

But yes, I also see some of the best spots while driving and unable to get a photo. It's a cruel twist of fate to see something so interesting but unable to document it!


Oryx 2017-12-12 05:21:20 | #12

Exige_240R (2017-12-12 03:28:43)


The problem with BC and Vancouver in particular is that the cost of living is quite a bit higher than many parts of Canada. I can't speak on behalf of Toronto or Montreal but Vancouver (housing especially) is quite expensive relative to other places. Like you've noticed many Canadians like to spend their winters in warmer places which most certainly is why you'll see canadian plates in Florida and other warm regions.

The concept of overland really fascinates me, the fact that the UK for example is connected to pretty much anywhere in Africa or Asia by roadways and ferry. I saw a South Korean registered Van in Rovaniemi, Finland 5km south of the Arctic Circle and that really amazed me. As you know here we are pretty much limited to adventuring just within Canada and the USA. I did see a British Columbia license plate in Cancun, Mexico, but it seems quite unusual to take vehicles into Mexico (due to safety presumably). Quite incredible how you are bound to see multiple plates from South Africa in a year considering the distance. I recently saw some photos of a Bugatti EB110 on Nigerian plates in Monaco, interesting that a few wealthy Africans might be following the trend of the Arabs who flock to Europe and Los Angeles in the summer.


Exige_240R 2017-12-12 05:56:53 | #13

Oryx (2017-12-12 05:21:20)


I'm sure the cost of living in BC is still less than in the UK, so wherever I go will feel like a slight release of pressure on everything I try to do!

Granted, the UK is better connected to Europe than Canada is, but it still annoys me that whenever I drive to Europe, it takes me 4 hours just to reach the north-west of France, then my drive to wherever I want to go can begin, which is just annoying to be stuck on an island for stuff like that... But overland travel is becoming much more popular all around the world it seems. I'm actually following a family from South Carolina on Instagram who are currently driving their off-road camper van down to South America. I think they are in Ecuador now. This is actually part of the route that I have considered taking my Mustang on, from NWT in the Arctic Circle (basically as far north as I can physically drive with roads on the North American continent) all the way down to the tip of Argentina, being the most southern road in the world. While very tough on a car like that I have no doubts it could make it, it's just been the vast amount of money required that has stopped me, otherwise I would already be doing the drive... So I am planning drives with it into North Africa or to western Asia just to add some more continents to the history of the car  :) At least these are not very expensive trips, just time consuming.

I saw a photo of a Dubai registered Mercedes entering Mexico a couple of years ago on a Facebook group, but I think you are right, I can't imagine there are a huge amount of foreign registered cars travelling that way for safety reasons... I must research that Nigerian plated EB110 - I'm in Monaco a couple of times each year and it's almost worth an extra trip just for that  :D A friend of mine sees quite a few African plates in Barcelona but I didn't see any when I was there, and I have seen Mali in Monaco (not on a supercar!) and Gabon in Menton, France. I just hope these Africans flock to London too so I might spot a few!


Oryx 2017-12-12 07:21:58 | #14

I always forget to consider the high cost of living outside of North America. I do agree with you on feeling trapped living on an Island, even just to get to Vancouver is a $90 ferry ride away although it is very close geographically.

Your mustang has already lived a pretty incredible life, I always think it's amazing that my car has been to Denver haha. Meanwhile your car has been to multiple continents and by the sounds of it, it will go on some more amazing adventures. The state of the roads in certain portions of Central and South America must be pretty poor, would certainly be interesting to see how a vehicle such as a mustang would fare. Interestingly enough a new stretch of road opened in the Northwest Territories connecting the small village of Tuktoyaktuk (which is on the Arctic Ocean) to the rest of Canada via the Dempster Highway. I don't think however this road extends as far north as some of those in Alaska but it is the northernmost connected road in Canada.

When you refer to West Asia would that be Turkey and the Caucus?

Interesting how you are able to actually see vehicles from Sub-Saharan Africa on European roadways. I unfortunately didn't take too many pictures of license plates on my European trips outside of exotic and luxury cars. Next time I visit europe I will have to take many more photos as I remember seeing license plates from places like Moldova, Macedonia, Georgia which I wish I would've captured.


Exige_240R 2017-12-12 22:11:09 | #15

Oryx (2017-12-12 07:21:58)


I've been invited to a place called Sechelt, which looking at the maps also requires a ferry journey to reach Vancouver, so I'm not sure if I would stay there or Vancouver, and maybe just go over one time to visit them. Although I use ferries frequently to reach France, I don't like them much - but they are much cheaper than the train under the water so I still use them.

I drove my Mustang through Denver too on the way to taking it up to the top of Pikes Peak  :D I have lots more planned for it, and I'm always coming up with new routes or modifying old ideas. The Mustang copes the best of all my cars with the rutted roads in the UK and I have driven it through many fields (ploughed and natural) and even a (small) river one time! It also has the highest ground clearance of all my cars so another reason why it would be my chosen car for this sort of trip. It has a tough life with me  :D Going off-road and sideways around a race track, I demand a lot from it  =) I've checked out that road to Tuktoyaktuk - that looks like a long and lonely road to take alone... And I'm pretty sure I would need to take some spare fuel on board too before reaching Inuvik. Only trouble with this plan is how to get the car there in the first place to begin the trip. To be "sensible" I would probably consider Yellowknife as far enough up, since it's famously well known as being in NWT... although, if you are going to do something, you really should do it properly!

Mostly I am referring to the Caucasus regions, I car have friends in Georgia (Tbilisi) that keep asking when I'm bringing my Mustang over to join their cars, so I would also visit local countries where possible.

The only "common" African plates I see are in Belgium, on Morocco registered trucks, the rest are very rare to see for me, even with all the driving around Europe I do. But it's true, it's still more than you are likely to see in Canada! I've caught a couple of photos you've posted from around Europe (sadly I just don't have time to browse the site as much as I would like at the moment) and it seems like quite a varied trip? Where did you go? And I know what you mean, I've only recently started to take the odd photos of normal cars now, but still pretty much only with foreign plates to the country I am in. Except in Monaco where I took a bunch of regular cars on my last trip only because I knew the gallery was opening here the week after and I wanted to add some spots that were not supercars!


Oryx 2017-12-13 05:34:30 | #16

Interesting, Sechelt is part of a region called the "Sunshine Coast" and although it is part of the mainland of British Columbia it is only accessible via ferry. How did you like Pikes Peak? I didn't manage to go up Pikes Peak and instead opted to drive up Mt. Evans instead, only because it was the highest paved road in North America. I would imagine anything north of Yellowknife would be incredibly lonely and many supplies would be required for a journey like that. I have never been to the NWT or Yukon but I have heard that the scenery and wildlife is incredible.

I have heard great things about Georgia and in particular Tbilisi. It is certainly somewhere on my "list".

I visited Europe for a span of 6 months in 2013-2014 spanning two separate trips. It was certainly a whirlwind and I tried to visit as many places as I could. I mainly travelled within Central Europe however I managed to visit Ireland, Estonia, Finland, Slovenia, Croatia and everything in between. I also spent a month of that time in Iceland. I tried to visit some of the more interesting countries in the area such as Luxembourg and Liechtenstein, which may not typically be destinations on a trip such as this.

I have quite the stockpile of Canadian plates to upload as I eagerly await the opening of the galleries.


Exige_240R 2017-12-13 06:05:39 | #17

Oryx (2017-12-13 05:34:30)


"Sunshine Coast" sounds relatively positive at least!
Pikes Peak was very cold being as it was in February, paired with the lack of oxygen at the top (I have always had bad lungs since childhood which doesn't help), but as a rally enthusiast for as long as my memory goes back it was an absolute must visit for me and I was determined to go to the top if it wasn't closed. Luckily it was open and it was worth every metre above sea level to the top, if not just for the stunning views and the fact that I can say I've driven to the top of Pikes Peak  =) Even if it was hard work on the gearbox on the way back down!

Tbilisi is still one of, if not the most hospitable and friendly places I've ever visited. I left saying I would return many times, but unfortunately I haven't yet returned (I went in 2015 with user "skarch") partly due to it not being an easy place to get to from the UK and often expensive flight connections. One of the reasons why it would be nice to drive down there! Batumi on the Black Sea was also nice, but seemed to lack that homely feel I got from Tbilisi where everyone seemed very happy to help and welcome you into their lives like old friends  :) I would highly recommend it to anyone.

That sounds like a great way to spend 6 months of the year! I'd really love to visit Iceland. I've visited most of the countries you would have experienced, but a few I'm sure I haven't had the chance to go to yet (Ireland being one). I can see why you say it would be good to do it again and get a few more plate spots for sure - although it's a long way to go just to take a few photos for the website  :D Just adds another dimension to seeing the world!


Oryx 2017-12-14 05:21:52 | #18

Great shots from Pikes Peak, still amazing seeing pictures of the car there and now imagining it on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean!

If you were to drive to Georgia would you travel through the Balkans and Turkey or would you take the Northern route through Russia?

I understand the feeling, sightseeing, friends and family always take priority over my hobby of spotting but it's nice to get out and about wherever you are in the world and check out what cars and license plates are out and about. I will hope to attend many more car meets and events to capture more photos of specialty and high end cars in the upcoming year. Like i've said, I am eagerly awaiting the opening of the Canadian galleries, in particular BC and Alberta.


Exige_240R 2017-12-15 04:49:50 | #19

Oryx (2017-12-14 05:21:52)


Thanks  :) Yeah sometimes I can't quite believe it when I look at the photos I took of the car across America, and then to see it parked out on the street like a normal car, almost seems like a dull end to such an adventure for the car, which is why I am determined to do more with in the future! But it still makes me smile every time I think about the car, and I have no intentions of selling it...

I've thought about the route a lot, unfortunately driving through Russia isn't really possible for me as getting a visa is really difficult and very expensive. I could apply for a transit visa but the requirements are strict and I'm not sure I could comply with them too well. So really it would have to be through Turkey, although I am not too keen of travelling through some parts of Turkey on GB plates so I have considered putting it on a boat in Bulgaria and offloading it in Georgia on the other side of the Black Sea. It's kinda cheating in a way but also I think the most sensible and safest route for me and the car... But I will review the situation closer in time for sure.

I try to seize opportunities when possible to do some spotting of some kind when travelling, and sometimes it is nice to leave the camera and wander freely, which is when phone pictures are made, but I still don't care for their quality so it is really a last resort for me! Events are the best for capturing nicer cars, every weekend there is something going on over here, especially in the south, so I'm always seeing something worth photographing which is why I'm always taking more photos than I can upload! Sometimes I think I should stop but when they are parked there in front of you and you have the camera, somehow I can't resist  :D It will be good to see the Canadian galleries and what you have captured!


Oryx 2017-12-15 08:08:18 | #20

I understand the feeling, it's been a while since i've taken my personal car on any sort of long roadtrip.

Yah I considered going to Russia when I was in Estonia however the complicated visa process ended up turning me off of it altogether, i'm sure the process would be even more complicated with a vehicle. I have seen pictures of northern Turkey and while it looks beautiful, like you say i'm sure the western euro plates may draw some unwanted attention and its always good to play things on the safe side.

I seem to always see interesting spots when I am driving around in the work vehicle (and unable to take pictures). Saw some Swiss plates last week and I have seen about a dozen New Brunswick plates which seem to be the most elusive Canadian plate for me. These spots still create good memories but I always wish I could've captured them on camera. I have one shakey New Brunswick plate picture and have been looking to get a few decent ones. I am certainly jealous of the number of automotive events and rare/exotic cars in the UK, however it seems like every year the car shows are becoming more popular and more extravagant up here so I am looking forward to see what next year has to offer.


Exige_240R 2017-12-18 01:57:07 | #21

Oryx (2017-12-15 08:08:18)


Last trip I took the Mustang was to Belgium which is only about 6 hours from here, but the STI goes all over Europe already  :)

It's a shame you didn't go to Russia either, I've often considered it but always lost interest along the way due to trying to get the visa. If I did drive through Turkey I would certainly be using non-GB style plates to try hide the identity a little bit!

Oh I know the problem of seeing the best plates while driving only too well! Always the most interesting and not able to capture (especially as we have really strict rules about using phones and hand-held devices in the UK so I won't risk it). We still have shows and events going on throughout the winter (albeit less of them) despite the below freezing temperatures and copious amounts of salt on the roads that rust away anything but the most hardy of cars...
Sounds like next year you'll be making an effort to see some more cars out and about at events which will be good!!

I've seen a few New Brunswick plates in Florida - but mostly on optional bases. I would think Yukon is the most rare for me to see (excluding NWT and Nunavut of course).


Oryx 2017-12-19 03:55:45 | #22

Does it snow much in the UK, I'm sure it snows quite a bit in Scotland and the mountainous areas in Wales, but how about England? I just flew back to Alberta and they are having a very mild winter so far with almost no snow so far. Managed to spot a Ford GT and an AMG GT these past couple days which is almost unheard of in December so that was a pleasant surprise.

Interesting that you're able to see New Brunswick in Florida, although I believe that New Brunswick is actually closer, geographically, to Miami than it is to the West Coast of Canada. Seeing plates from Newfoundland, PEI, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia is always exciting for me as the other provinces are relatively common. Yukon and NWT are rare but you're bound to see a couple in a week. Nunavut on the other hand.. I have never and probably will never see a Nunavut plate outside of Nunavut itself as there are no roads connecting it to the rest of Canada and there are probably relatively few cars as well. I have seen photos of a Nunavut registered car in Ontario however.


Exige_240R 2017-12-21 04:33:54 | #23

Oryx (2017-12-19 03:55:45)


It really depends where you are in England to be fair, generally speaking the further north you are, the greater chance of snow there is. Down south we might get 2cm most years, and occasionally it comes heavier. In 2009 we had about 50cm of snow here but that was rare. The next year about 30cm and then nothing really since then. But a couple of weeks ago while most of the UK had a decent amount of snow, we had so little here that my car wasn't even all white. So it's not really a big thing down here, and we have very coastal weather even up towards London as the mountains in the west stop most of it before it reaches London usually as our weather tends to come in from the Atlantic. Occasionally we get a Siberian blast in the winter which doesn't bring snow but it brings -10 to -15 c temperature. Likewise in the summer when the winds change we can get African heat waves and our cars become golden in colour with sand from the Sahara desert!

New GT or old GT ? AMG GT are quite popular daily drive cars around here to be honest, so can be seen all year round. It's been colder here than usual for November/December so there have been less interesting cars out and about this year which is a shame for spotting, but also good as it provides less photos for me to take too many of  :D

I think you are right about New Brunswick being closer to Florida, plus I heard there is a train or something similar for Canadians that goes down to (or close to) Florida so it's apparently really easy for the north eastern provinces to make that journey...
I've seen a photo of a Nunavut plate in a northern American state... But I can't remember where exactly now, possibly Ohio...
And also this one was posted to a Facebook group that I'm a member of, still in Canada but not too local:


Oryx 2017-12-22 07:49:08 | #24

Isn't it amazing how global weather systems are able to bring sediment from North Africa and deposit it in the UK?

The vehicle I saw was an older Ford GT. I don't know of too many new GT's that have been delivered in Canada. There is a yellow one on Ontario plates that seems to be in Vancouver. That's interesting about the AMG GT over there and a shame about the weather... Interestingly enough i've probably seen more Ford GT's here than AMG GT's, as they don't seem to be that common. I love getting a bunch of pictures and gradually sorting through them until the next time I head out to go spotting, and seeing as though I am (I think) the only Canadian who uses this site, I am trying to collect lots of photos to represent the variety of vehicles here.

Very interesting to see Nunavut plates on a FIAT, especially what appears to be a standard 500. Doesn't necessarily seem like the most practical vehicle to own up North. I do really love the design of their plate tho.


Exige_240R 2017-12-23 03:59:29 | #25

Oryx (2017-12-22 07:49:08)


I don't find it so amazing when the sand is scratching up my paint  :D But yes it is quite amazing when you think about it, sand from a desert thousands of miles away ends up here in the UK - I reckon that's how our beaches are formed, because we get so much of it sometimes. None of this erosion nonsense we are taught in schools  :D

I much prefer the older GT so far - but I still haven't yet properly seen a new GT so I can't properly comment. But the old GT has a soft spot in my heart, as my old boss had an original GT40 (one of the 1-2-3 Le Mans cars), and sold it when he bought a red with white stripes GT. For years he promised to take me out in it but in the end he never did, and one of the last jobs I did for him was to take photos of the car to put it up for sale when I was leaving. I'm still thinking about uploading those photos here, but haven't yet...
I have seen photos of a Canadian (I think it was Ontario) registered AMG GT driving in Iran! So maybe that's why you don't see many, they are all driving in other countries!
I suspect there will be more Canadians joining when the Canadian galleries open, as I believe other countries have seen a spike in members from them when the gallery is working. But for now definitely capitalise on being the only active Canadian member and get as much stored and sorted as you can! One mistake I made in the past was only editing photos I could upload from trips I made in the past, and then when new galleries have been added I had to go back and sort through all the holiday photos to find the ones I hadn't been able to upload before, so now I just edit all plates and leave them until the gallery exists here...

I also thought a standard 500 in Nunavut wouldn't be much good - but then I thought that maybe they have another house somewhere (maybe in PEI) and haven't registered it locally, or leave the car at an airport and use it for driving elsewhere in Canada when they visit places maybe... It's nice that they have now got a different design than NWT, although the Polar Bear plates are cool. That said, while NWT polar bears are not difficult to get for my plate collection, any kind of Nunavut plate has eluded my hands so far, and probably forever more, given the prices they seem to sell for over here in the hobby!


Oryx 2017-12-24 08:14:04 | #26

I also prefer the old GT, however I hope to take a much better look at some new Ford GT's in the upcoming summer to gather a more educated opinion on the car. That's unfortunate that you weren't able to go for a ride in the GT.

Wow, now thats pretty neat! A Canadian registered sports car driving around Iran.

I hope there are more Canadian spotters who end up joining, as there is such a diverse car culture in Canada ranging from imports, to supercars, to luxury cars to classic cars. Ontario, Quebec and Vancouver all have incredible cars to be captured which I personally will most likely not capture and would love to see these shared on the site. I have developed a pretty systematic approach of editing and sorting my photos from the various countries and regions, however a lot of my older photos may not necessarily be of the best quality, (and sadly some of my more recent photos as well). I do intend to make an effort to bring my proper camera to any meets or events in the next year however.

Interesting point you raise about the owner of the vehicles owning property in multiple jurisdictions, and this may very well be the case. I would assume that Nunavut would have a higher insurance rate than PEI, although they both most likely have some of the lower insurance rates in the country. Another possibility is that the individual who owns this car is part of the military, as I believe they will ship your vehicle depending on where you are stationed in the country, and they may have just been vacationing in PEI.

That's interesting that Nunavut plates are hard to come by, as it seems every antique shop or flea market has some NWT plates kicking around. I don't personally collect too many plates (no space) but I do have a handful including a 1971 NWT Commercial Vehicle plate. I would assume very few Nunavut plates leave the territory, as it is quite secluded from the rest of the country and they probably just scrapped the majority of the old polar bear types.


Exige_240R 2017-12-24 20:07:04 | #27


There it is ^^^
A photo was posted later of it on the same instagram account @model_bala using temporary Iran plates, usually issued to foreign registered vehicles:

I understand the quality "issue". Whilst I try to take decent photos I often take the attitude of "something is better than nothing". On old photos from before I was active here, the quality tends to be less as either the technology was not as developed, or the photo wasn't taken for the plate so it is often not the main focus of the photo. My view is generally that if someone spots it with a better photo they will upload over it...

Military is a good suggestion too for the Nunavut plate. Either way I doubt we will even know unless the owner happens to read this conversation - and the chances of that are as close to impossible as you can get!

Two American collectors somehow ended up with several hundred Nunavut plates each, presumably they visited and got them from the registration office. Between them they have been selling them but keeping the price high, so I think that's why they are staying expensive, as these two have essentially all of the plates available and are keeping the price high...


Oryx 2017-12-25 05:25:31 | #28

Hmmm... interesting photos, the individual must have a dual citizenship as travelling to Iran as a Canadian has many complications.

You raise a really good point with the "something is better than nothing" mentality. Although I often wish I could have taken a better photo, or that I had my proper camera on me, I suppose that at the end of the day, the likelihood of someone else spotting the same car is quite slim, therefore my contribution will be better than nothing.

According to Stats Canada there are only 7093 vehicles registered in Nunavut (including commercial and off-road vehicles) out of over 33 million total vehicles registered in Canada. It's also important to note that Nunavut only has plates on the back of vehicles, therefore making them all the more rare. Gotta wonder the legality of those collectors getting the plates?


Exige_240R 2018-01-07 13:08:59 | #29

Oryx (2017-12-25 05:25:31)


I guess the car might have been sold also, but I think dual citizenship is most likely scenario here...

I think the site is mostly about documenting plates on cars (in my opinion, it seems others have other ideas sometimes), so I think anything that is suitable to be uploaded is good enough - even though I am my strongest critic and not really happy unless it is a posed, nice low 3/4 angle photo with rich sunshine and no people in the background  :D But since that is an option rarely afforded to the photos we upload, I do post anything that is "good enough" even if I don't consider it up to my usual standards...

It's certainly a very small percentage of Canadian vehicles registered in Nunavut, and explains why the plates are so hard to spot / get for a collection. Apparently they obtained the plates legally, it seems if you make the effort to go and visit Nunavut you might be rewarded! Sadly it is too far for me to travel from the UK, just on the slight possibility I might add one more plate to my collection  :D

Sorry I was slow to reply, I have been abroad for 10 days and just catching up now I am home!


Oryx 2018-01-11 07:42:46 | #30

No worries, hopefully you had a good holiday season. I had also gone home for the holidays for some much needed time with family and friends.

Nunavut is very difficult to travel to even as a Canadian, I would be able to fly to Asia or Europe for much cheaper than flying to nunavut if I am not mistaken. Even Iqaluit, the territorial capital is quite remote in a sense. The only people I know who have visited were either for work and a couple who had an emergency landing at Iqaluit on route back from Europe.

The plate spotting has been pretty slow lately on this end, most of the americans don't bother coming up this time of year as it is pretty gloomy. I am still collecting some canadian spots here and there, it was nice to capture some albertan vehicles on my holiday!


Exige_240R 2018-01-13 22:39:21 | #31

Oryx (2018-01-11 07:42:46)


It was good thanks - I was working on the start of the Africa Eco Race, and then took some holiday time after  :) But I go away to escape from the people I know  :D  :D I hope you had a good time as well!

I have heard about the difficulties of reaching Nunavut, and with the exception of the two plate collectors I also don't know anyone else who has been there for any other reason than work. A small part of me wants to go there just to be one of the few "tourists" who go there...!

If I stayed in the UK I would also be in the same boat for general plate spots, with the exception of events (and cars travelling to and from those events) nothing much interesting, car or plate tends to hit the roads here from December until March.
You'll have the biggest number of Canadian uploads for sure when the gallery goes live!! And I suspect will likely keep the title for some time unless someone new joins from Canada who is very very keen!!


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