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AC / ЭйСи Cobra

Номер Великобритании, Система 1903 года

Brooklands, Surrey, UK
June 2007

(Sorry for low quality, digital technology was not so good in those days!)

кабриолет ретро нестандартный ГРЗ номер под марку или модель ТС

Комментарии (2)

BimmerDude 2017-12-08 19:50:34 | #1

I wouldn't really call this low quality, it is only noticable if you open the image on full screen.  :pardon:


Exige_240R 2017-12-08 20:50:18 | #2

BimmerDude (2017-12-08 19:50:34)


There are some in worse quality waiting to be uploaded! I just use the same text template on all photos from the same event. It's easier  :)


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