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  1. Uploading a photo- After a long of time, the page shows error: And this is the result on the site (no photo): The file is smaller than 4mb.
  2. http://platesmania.com/de/nomer12105232 Frankia motorhomes
  3. Serbia moped plates. Same size and design as regular motorcycle plates, but just yellow
  4. Dennis Dragon https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dennis_Dragon http://platesmania.com/uk/nomer12085442
  5. There is an error on the statistics of the Israeli gallery. Top users is not shown properly
  6. Yutong ZK6938HQ http://platesmania.com/il/nomer12049469
  7. New Jersey historic. It has the same design as regular plates but with "Historic" at the bottom.
  8. http://platesmania.com/il/nomer11923542 Chevrolet Vivant
  9. Honda Crosstour http://platesmania.com/us/nomer12003153
  10. Is it possible to have the missing Oldtimer plates of the US states in the gallery? I'm sure that many users (including myself) has a lot of them waiting. Thanks!
  11. ABC-123 format on Minnesota can only be uploaded with blue color of the numbers (older embossed version), while it's also available with black letters and flat base. http://platesmania.com/us/nomer11983278 Thanks!