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  1. (L) CD 21-00 (21=Swiss Confederation/Switzerland) - New Embassador's car! BMW 3 Series Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  2. (BOL) LRG4C-03 Real plate: (B) 1-DEG-663 Motorhome (?) Málaga, Andalusia, Spain (E)
  3. (BOL) LRG4C-03 Real plate: (B) 1-DEG-663 Motorhome (?) Málaga, Andalusia, Spain (E)
  4. 988 - Collectivity of New Caledonia (France)

    SİV format, you can upload it without putting the regional code
  5. (FL) FL 14889 - Fiat Ducato in Calama, Chile (RCH) !!!!!! Especially for @Geronimo73FL!! Spotted on a Facebook group dedicated to foreign plates spotted in different countries called “Out-of-State License Plates Pics Collection”. İ highly recommend you this group, there is some awesome spots !!
  6. (GBZ) G3111E Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid Casares (Málaga) Andalucía, Spain (E)
  7. (L) CD 73-71 (73=European court of Justice) Mercedes-Benz A Class Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  8. (L) CD 85-08 (85=NATO) Land Rover Range Rover Evoque Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  9. (L) CD 73-29 (73=European court of Justice) BMW Series 7 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  10. (L) CD 79-10 (79=European Parliament) Mercdes-Benz S350d Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  11. (L) CD 18-09 (18=Russian Federation/Russia) Volkswagen Passat Bereldange, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  12. I thought so, but still not sure. The car looks pretty new though! My highest was -13 (the red Mitsubishi Outlander above) until now
  13. (L) CD 2020 (20=Austria) Ford Fiesta in front of the Austrian Embassy in Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow New format?!
  14. (L) CD 77-72 (77=Court of First İnstance) Mini Cooper D Bereldange, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow #MiniBrussels
  15. (L) CD 19-25 (19=Spain/España) Ford Torneo Custom in front of the Spanish Embassy in Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow