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  1. (SLO) LJ LL-576 Peugeot RCZ Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) My first Slovenian plate!!
  2. Hello, just to say.. Shouldn't the Saudi code be changed here on the forum, being now officially "KSA" and not "KS" anymore?
  3. Funny to see the taxi wearing a "G" oval, knowing that G is the international code for Gabon 😂
  4. (L) CD 25-30 (25=Japan) Volswagen Polo Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow Sorry for the horrible picture!! (L) CD 19-24 (19=Spain/España) SEAT İbiza (Front part already taken last year, check page 1!) Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow Sorry for the horrible picture!! The area is always surrounded by cops, had to be careful!
  5. (L) CD 14-42 (14=United States) Kia Sorento Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow #US-Spec *
  6. (L) CD 70-75 (70=European Parliament) BMW Series 7 Bereldange, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  7. (L) CD 30-01 (30=Czech Republic/Czechia - not sure though) Mercedes-Benz E Class 1800 Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow (L) CD 77-55 (77=Court of First İnstance) Citroën Berlingo (Front part already taken last year, check page 1!) Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  8. (L) CD 75-74 (75=European court of Editors) Volvo XC90 (Back part already taken, look above!) Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  9. (L) CD 14-42 (14=United States) Lexus ES350 - reuploaded Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow
  10. (C) E 070 067 Chery 1 La Habana, Cuba (C) Sent by my best friend, while staying near the Spanish Embassy during hurricane İrma (note the small Spanish flag on the top right)
  11. (L) CD 73-20 (73=European court of Justice) BMW 7 Series Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) #diplomaticplatesingallerynow (L) CD 14-42 (14=United States) Lexus ? (Anyone knows what model is it?) Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) Photo made by my friend. Looks like a new arrival. I will try to catch it again, the quality of this one is not... well you can guess #diplomaticplatesingallerynow