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  1. C 75838 Bratislava (Slovakia)
  2. It is official - new prefix for Bratislava will be BT In the past 2 months, people had option to choose from BD, BE, BI and BT. They could vote on Facebook in 2 semifinal pools, and then chose the one they like the most. New prefix will appear in second half of the year 2019 Link to press release of Ministry of interior of the Slovak republic: https://www.minv.sk/?tlacove-spravy-2&sprava=novou-skratkou-evidencneho-cisla-vozidiel-pre-okres-bratislava-bude-bt
  3. C 11041 Bratislava (Slovakia)
  4. Spotted today in Pezinok (Slovakia)
  5. belugin: That is definitely not Slovak licence plate Even "SK" on the euroband is in wrong font. It looks to me like remake of polish plate from Świecie - CSW nnnnn
  6. C 75824 Pezinok (Slovakia)
  7. It's OK I'm not native english speeker too. I'm glad you like all the pages. Just few years back, we (slovaks) were way back in compare to czechs. I'm too member of czech licence plate collectors group, because slovak doesn't exist and to be honest it isn't really necessary due to czech and slovak connection since Czechoslovakia. There is czechoslovak webpage about trasport, with subcategory of licence plates and so "we met". Share and use info. As you say. If you have any further questions, fell free and ask.
  8. muscamchall: Slovak vanity plates are fully equal to regular ones. You don't have to get the regular plate first and than apply for vanity plate. That page http://www.spz.unas.cz was created by the friend of mine. BTW I'm using term "slovak" not "slovakian" I don't know, how deep you look at that page, but there is lot of info. For example table of analysis for each district (present and past) etc... Another page is one, where we record the highest seen plates: https://ecv.stofi.sk/ Take care šmolko
  9. Here you can see all types of slovak licence plates issued in the newest format - we call it third typ (since 2006) http://www.spz.unas.cz/treti.html
  10. muscamchall : OK so can you ask the first question once again? I'm still not sure about the content . O Of course you can order vanity plates also for old(er) cars. Here is one nice example: DS-CWX57 BTW Vanity plates are only available for cars/trucks (both options - 2 plates 52x11cm, or one 52x11cm + one 34x20cm) and motorcycles (bigger 24x15cm and smaller 14,5x11 cm). If you have any other questions, feel free to ask šmolko
  11. 1. Sorry but, can you write the first question in English? Result from Google translate doesn't make much sense It translated some "rooms"...don't know exactly what it should meant? 2. No. It's only possible to ask for a duplicate in case of damage, or if you lost the plate, but licence plate will be used it on the same vehicle. Also there isn't option to use the combination, that once existed. No "recyclation". Licence plates in Slovakia doesn't belong to person or vehicle. Even if you payed for them, it's property of state / DMV and you're obligated to return them if the car goes to different district, different state, or will be destroyed. 3. In Slovakia, there aren't any specific banned combinations. In general, you can't use swear words, shortcuts or full names of state institutions, political parties, any expressions which encourage expressions of racism or xenophobia... But it's checked by person at DMV and if he/she doesn't find the plate improper you get it. For example guy from Presov district (PO) chosed combination PO-LICIA which means Police in Slovak language. Later when it was discussed in media, police said that maybe they shouldn't issue that plates, but at that time they didn't find it improper. Few years back in Malacky district was issued MA-MPICI which refers to "mám v piči" and in colloquial language it means I don't give a fuck, but piča refers to women genitals... so it definitely isn't polite at all! Once again, statement from police officials was, that when it was applied for this licence plate, no one at that time at DMV didn't find it inappropriate, but the will be more careful in future. I'm not sure why this page mixed words and preposition in sentences... sorry
  12. Let me add a few C plates from my archive: