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  1. The site is on american Cloudflare. I made a tracert to platesmania.com and got IP There are five sites accorded to this IP (https://hostingcompass.com/list/website/ and they all working properly.
  2. "This page does not work The platesmania.com server can not handle this request." And it's propably not only in my pc due to lack of actrivity of other polish members.
  3. What happened to platesmania.com domain and when will it be fixed?
  4. W012200 - Denmark, military attache's private car
  5. Zastava 10 http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer10576574 http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer10606663 http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer10553145 Zastava TurboZeta http://platesmania.com/me/nomer10251837 http://platesmania.com/rs/nomer10577510 http://platesmania.com/me/nomer10095053
  6. W 011012 - Belgium, diplomatic personnel private car W 055550 - Ireland, official embassy car W 069006 - Hungary, diplomatic personnel private car W 069014 - Hungary, diplomatic personnel private car W 069023 - Hungary, diplomatic personnel private ca W 069250 - Hungary, military attache's private car W 069300 - Hungary, non-diplomatic personnel private car W 069503 - Hungary, official embassy car W 083015 - Ukraine, diplomatic personnel private car W 103500 - New Zealand, diplomatic mission chief's official car W 114500 - Monetengro, diplomatic mission chief's official car
  7. http://platesmania.com/pl/gallery-100 Polish gallery works fine up to 99th page, the next ones showes only one, the same image. UP
  8. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Help anyone?
  9. Rampini Alé EL http://platesmania.com/de/nomer9891656 http://platesmania.com/at/nomer8227860
  10. В польских номерных знаках военных с 1976 отсутствуют серии: UB http://polskietablice.fm.interiowo.pl/1976w.htm#3
  11. And another one: http://platesmania.com/ua/nomer10119434
  12. Solbus ST11 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer9645212 Solbus SN11M http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer8407788 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7609609 Solbus SC10 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7872188 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7611321 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7601368 Solbus SM12 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7613629 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7603422 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7590405 Solbus C9,5 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7612698 Solbus LH9,5 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7595582 Solbus SL10 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7604285 SOlbus SM10 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7584485 http://platesmania.com/pl/nomer7584282