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  1. Personalised licence plates - New Zealand

    I saw it in the Goodwood car park, West Sussex, UK. July 2018 G1
  2. Oldtimer Tag Confusion

    Thanks for the clarification
  3. Oldtimer Tag Confusion

    Of course, none of these were oldtimer plates, I don't use this tag in galleries that have the special formats. Okay. So how specific are the models? For example, the Porsche 911 I guess you mean model generations like 993 / 996 / 997... That's fine. What about other cars, like the Citroen 2CV (which is one that was removed), there are several variations of this model between 1948 and 1990 without specific categories because most differences were features of where they were manufactured and not specific model groups, so all 2CV are not oldtimers, even if the actual car is 70 years old? Also, what about continuation chassis? If you buy a "new/old" Jaguar D-Type, with correct period VIN number from the factory, does that now mean the D-Type is back in production and all D-Types are no longer oldtimers? Sorry for all the questions, but I want to make sure I understand completely all of the details.
  4. I couldn't find this in the rules but I am sure it is buried somewhere. Every time I sign in my notifications box is full of tag edits regarding Oldtimers. Because I upload a lot of classic cars, perhaps someone can state the actual rules of the site (not opinion) to avoid any further confusion...! Because in the last ~100 uploads of classic cars I haven't used this tag now because it is annoying to have to upload, preview the photo, click "add tag", select the box, save it, then go to upload the next photo - not a good use of time when uploading many photos and then the tag is removed later!! Example 1: I added Oldtimer tag to a car of 1957 (UFX 312) and it was removed. Okay so maybe 1957 is too modern. But then the tag is added to a car of 1970 (7205 WY 75)! Example 2: I added Oltimder tag to a car of 1963 at time of upload, which was removed, and then added again! So you will have to excuse me not using this tag for now, because at the moment it is a waste of time apparently... P.S. This looks like I am picking on med_ved62 - I am not, it's just coincidence that they are the latest changes, but this is something I get from multiple users on an almost daily basis.
  5. Current series Dealer/Garage plates, still not supported on the main site W0A5 W0B6 W0D4 W0D7 W0G9
  6. A few "premium" cars spotted in and around Hebron. Not everything is dented and old 9-0009-95 9-1699-94 9-1777-94 9-1828-95 9-4160-95 9-5695-93 9-7955-95
  7. Nice number, early morning view from my hotel (needed maximum zoom!): 8-0000-47
  8. Yesterday I tried to upload the following Colorado Fleet plate, but only 123-ABC format is supported, ABC-123 isn't recognised. I guess these series have reversed the same as regular plates now?
  9. Corvette upgrade 5-1653-46 Jericho, Palestine
  10. I guess this counts as "Police", rather than a separate topic for Border Police? Or should there be a topic for Border Police? 297-930 In Huwara, Palestine
  11. 6-2851-90 "Vice City" - I think it is a GTA enthusiast! Seen in Huwara, Palestine. I will not upload all of my 2000+ Palestine spots from my recent tour of Palestine on to the forum, so enjoy this one photo!
  12. 2429 AX The Netherlands, April 2014 Нидерланды, апрель 2014
  13. 6152 0120 Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOctober 2017
  14. RF MC 612 Ramstein US Air Force Base, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOctober 2017