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  1. Yesterday I tried to upload the following Colorado Fleet plate, but only 123-ABC format is supported, ABC-123 isn't recognised. I guess these series have reversed the same as regular plates now?
  2. I guess this counts as "Police", rather than a separate topic for Border Police? Or should there be a topic for Border Police? 297-930 In Huwara, Palestine
  3. 6-2851-90 "Vice City" - I think it is a GTA enthusiast! Seen in Huwara, Palestine. I will not upload all of my 2000+ Palestine spots from my recent tour of Palestine on to the forum, so enjoy this one photo!
  4. 2429 AX The Netherlands, April 2014 Нидерланды, апрель 2014
  5. 6152 0120 Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOctober 2017
  6. RF MC 612 Ramstein US Air Force Base, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanyOctober 2017
  7. Ford Garage, Kaiserslautern, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany October 2017: X-6201 X-6796
  8. In my opinion this makes a lot more work for the moderators as well as the uploader... For example, I upload a lot of unusual / old manufacturers and I am not going to send an error message for every car I upload when I am uploading maybe 50 cars, it's a waste of my time, and a waste of time for the moderators who will have many uncategorized cars on the website. Not to mention the extra time it takes to write out the full name of the car in the description - or can I leave it blank and trust the moderators will know what it is? So if you search manufacturer "Hillman" unless every upload has been seen by a moderator to add the manufacturer there will be many missing in the search (like the cars I just uploaded now will not show in a manufacturer search). Not to mention lots of "edited" notifications in the home screen to analyse... This makes the organisation of the site very messy and incomplete because I am sure some uploads will be missed (it's human nature)... I know a lot of the cars I upload don't have recognised manufacturers or models on the site, but when the category has been recognised it seems a shame to not use it. Can there not be a separate list for those who upload on mobile devices vs those who upload on the computer where it takes 1 second to select the manufacturer? I know it creates some coding work, but it is my understanding the mobile site has a different dynamic and can be set to operate from a different template?
  9. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Великобритания. Экспорт в 2014:
  10. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    The car is a 1954 Siata 208S (Italian manufacturer), but I don't know of any Italian plate like this? The only plate I can find like this is 1954 series from France "Immatriculation Temporaire", but the colours are wrong (It should be green, not white). I am certain the plate is not original, but it is clearly trying to be something specific... The owner is a Belgian car collector, so I would presume it to be a European plate, although the car was at Pebble Beach USA in 2016, and I saw it this weekend in the UK... Anyone know for certain?
  11. Yes, in August 1951. But why are they not supported on the site, if the system is available to upload? You are saying I should upload the plate with 01 instead, even if the plate has only 1?
  12. I don't know where to put this, because there are too many possible topics available for it! Maybe it can be moved somewhere better... In France FNI, the codes 1, 2, 3 .... are listed to upload, with region data, but if you add it, you will be deleted, and when you search for any of these 9 regions, there are none showing on the website: My suggestion is to remove these upload options, and from the search data, because they are not accepted on the site, so they should not be there! Then there will be no more wasted time to edit and upload photos of this format, and no more "Error uploads"...