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  2. Slovenia plates

    Hello, There is already a lot of beautiful licence plates pictures in this website. I am interested to see some slovenia licence plates. Would anyone have the opportunity to put pictures on this website?
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  4. 19.06.2018 в Казани видел серию А*СХ716.
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  6. AA 897 MA , Vaduz , Liechtenstein AA 223 RK , Hohenems , Austria
  7. 41673 H 6 , 1344 - 02 , Austria , Feldkirch ( 6 = Casablanca Anfa )
  8. NIB-7081 , Vaduz , Liechtenstein
  9. Yes Luxembourguers do have an army (the smallest in NATO in fact!). Military plates are "kind of" rare in Lux-City. They are sometimes visible near the royal palace. (L) Military - 1970 Škoda Superb Sedan Luxembourg-City municipal library, Luxembourg (L) Sorry for the horrible quality! The soldier driving it was at the entrance facing the car!
  10. CDN motorcycles plates?
  11. Первый А***ОУ 198! http://avto-nomer.ru/ru/nomer11490148
  12. Israel is also missing dealer plates:
  13. For the very same reason that we don't have Mercedes-AMG or Ruf as separate brands. It's not our fault that the manufacturer used the same name multiple times, like it was the case with, e.g., the VW Beetle. Users are encouraged to explicitly specify the version in the Details field, if they consider it important. And the hypothetical availability of the Abarth 500 in the list would still require specifying limited edition versions like 695 Tributo Ferrari, Maserati, etc. in the Details field.
  14. Номера Курганской области

    У-МЕ45, Х-МЕ45
  15. Видел сегодня серию Р-КЕ в юной части МКАДа...
  16. Тем временем на Бору выданы РХЕ - 5**-7** РХМ выдают в Дзержинске вместе с РЕС, диапазон уточняется
  17. Представленность серий 799 региона в ЦФБ

    Сегодня нашел М-ЕХ
  18. в субботу во владимире О999РМ выдали, и выдавали О125РО
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