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  2. Распечатали ХК в неприцепных диапазонах AA0315XK AA4541XK
  3. Many trucks from Denmark, the UK, Germany, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and a few more often have bright and colorful liveries with lots of striping, patterns and company names in big, individually designed fonts. Not only are they nice to look at, they also serve as advertizing for their companies, establishing the names in the minds of people seeing them. It also gives an impression of pride in what they do, not only for the company owners, but also for the drivers. You sense that they love their company, their jobs and their trucks. One example is a beautifully decorated Scania with the words "Your dream, my reality" written in bold letters on the sides. In contrast, most trucks I spot from eastern Europe (in particular Romania, Bulgaria and Poland) are completely unmarked, single color, maybe a fleet number if you're lucky, but no company name... and even if it's there, it's written in the tiniest possible letters, impossible to read unless you're standing right next to the truck. I understand, that there's a lot of stuff about underpaid drivers and companies registering in the most financially favorable locations, but even so... The overall impression left is, that trucking is a chore, there's no pride in the company, the trucks, the work. it's simply a matter of bread and butter and the less the public knows about the companies, the better. I find this to be a terrible shame. Trucking is a lifestyle that many kids grow up dreaming about... a passion. In my opinion, a trucker deserves a "tool" (truck) worthy of his/her passion, a company name to display with pride on the road. If the companies don't wish to display their names, it's a real bad start, because you get the impression that there's nothing to be proud of, perhaps even the opposite. I wish (and this is probably too much to ask) for future truckers (and spotters) all over the world, that transport companies would get their acts together, give their fleets liveries and clearly visible company names. This alone, I feel, would help improve the truckers' pride and passion, meaning that the employers would get a happier, and thereby more productive/effective workforce. I'm sure there must be quite a few truck drivers on this site, from various countries, and it would be interesting to hear some opinions. PS: A truck doesn't have to be new to look nice. A 20 year old truck can be as beautiful as one that's 20 days old, so an old fleet is no "excuse"
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  5. Город Бор. Выданы Р601-702РС152. Р600РС152 на белой вестгранте, сегодня заметил
  6. Представленность серий 799 региона в ЦФБ

    VeVV поймал новую серию М***НО799. Pank поймал новую серию О***НК799.
  7. В*МО716 http://avto-nomer.ru/ru/nomer12497450
  8. Предлагаю забанить юзера Moscow790 и удалить все его фотографии за заливку фото с интернета Пруфы: http://avto-nomer.ru/ru/nomer12409985 http://avto-nomer.ru/ru/nomer11658453 http://avto-nomer.ru/ru/nomer11937893
  9. TDG 85 69 20.06.2018 Беларусь, Минск/Belarus, Minsk Экспортный номер
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  11. Номера департамента Реюньон

    Paris, France. 287 BMB 974
  12. I don't know what that a type of plates... Kharkiv, Ukraine 00-SPB-6
  13. Where is the plate from / Откуда номер?

    Плохо видно, но это лучшее фото из чего есть. Что за номер?)
  14. Добавил первый В-КЕ164!
  15. 07-KE-3346 Spotted in Kyiv (UA) / Снято в Киеве (Украина)
  16. и СНВ уже тоже пошла http://orel-transport.ru/photo.php?pid=85286
  17. О-НС. Добавил pereadresoVan:
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