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    AH 2536 KO в Киеве, бывший литовец
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    Одессу не понять начали выдавать прицепные старые номера
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    Täsch/Zermatt (VS), Switzerland: J107987 Nissan Pathfinder
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    I only joined the site a few days ago - I'd been here before, but didn't join because of two things: 1) almost everything seemed to be in russian, so the site didn't seem to be internationally oriented, and 2) there was no section for danish plates. Yes, I'm a dane and I can tell you one thing, I've got thousands of photos of danish plates available for upload, so the only problem is time. My main photo subjects have always been trucks, vans, buses, taxis and classic cars, but there's also a fair bit of "normal" modern cars. My photos go back to 2010-11 so no really old treasures, I'm afraid. Speaking of old treasures, I really hope that old type danish plates (enamel, pre-1976) will be added, since they are now available as re-issues for vintage vehicles in Denmark and almost every owner of a pre-1976 vehicle choose to get them fitted, so by not having them on this site, the vast majority of danish vintage vehicles will be excluded. On another point, I also have a reasonable amount of norwegian plates, one Cyprus, 4 Faroe Islands and 2 Macedonia - this is all the unavailable sections I have plates for. Living near an international container port, there's an insane number of romanian and polish trucks in the area, as well as quite a lot of bulgarian and german. I try to mix the foreign plate uploads with the danish, since I always think it must be nice for people to see a local vehicle in a far-away place. Anyway, my 2 main points were these: 1) lots of danish plates are now available and 2) please add pre-1976 danish enamel plates!
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    свежак, вчера еще был на литовских транзитах
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    Партия новых школьных автобусов, переданная сегодня в районы Запорожской области
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    предложу подписывать штаты обозначением страны Japan, Mississippi (USA), Quebec (CDN), Ireland, Utah (USA), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Connecticut (USA).
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    АР 5821 ЕО Также видел АР 5846 ЕО
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    Одесса выдает ВН IH на 7,8,9 ВНМН на 03-09 , ВН IO на 51 и52
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    Hello I suggest to remove "License plates of..." from tables and leave just the countries' name, then its easier to locate just by typing the name of the country.
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    F4219 / Lausanne-Ouchy (Vaud) - Switzerland, January 2019 / Citroën Saxo
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    Paris, France. 1 CMD 1 !!! 1 (first one) = Afghanistan CMD = Chef de Mission Diplomatique (Ambassador)
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    Geneva Airport, Switzerland: 152-D-6437 Land Rover Defender
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    CD GE 1 - 33 (33 = Ghana, 1 = the ambassador) / Bavois (Vaud), January 2019 / Mercedes-Benz E-Klasse
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    Paris, France. My first plate of this unofficial "out of state" serie. 65612 (H) 6 6 = Casablanca-Anfa
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    (GBJ) J91503 Ford Transit Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg (L) My first GBJ!
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    В Киевской области полный хаос. Вот это выдано с начала февраля: AI5104HT AI2504IB AI4471IC AI0802OI AI0***MA - этот диапазон полностью AI8343MA
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    Приступили понемногу выдавать 1-ю тысячу ВЕ0хххСО
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    В Киевской обл - одновременно выдают НХ (до 55хх), ІС (закрыли 00-0999 и 1000-1999, идут 2ххх до 22хх и 50-55хх), почему-то вкинули МА (00-09хх), ТА(00-07хх) и снова, как и в Одессе - ОІ, причем в том же диапазоне - 6901-83хх АІ0404МА АІ7207ОІ
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    CD VD 276 - 02 (02 = I.L.O.) / Lausanne-Ouchy (Vaud), February 2019 / Nissan Qashqai
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    Николаев продолжает Серию СН началась 8-я тысяча ВЕ7917СН
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    Geneva, Switzerland: CD GE 27 84 BMW X3 (84: Gabon) CD GE 1 68 BMW 5-Series (the Ambassador of the Netherlands) CD GE 1 63 Volvo S90 (the Ambassador of Denmark) CD GE 5 86 Bentley Continental GT (86: Liberia) CD GE 1 524 Volvo S90 (the Ambassador of Chile to the World Trade Organization)
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    In 2009 it became possible for danes to get plates with the EU-band on the left site of the plates. But danes have a long history of EU-skepticism and many did not want to "advertise" for the EU, so getting the new plates was an OPTION, not mandatory, like in many other countries. This split, EU or non-EU, became the first step into the chaos that surrounds modern danish plates. The non-EU plates continued through the alphabet as previously (by this time, the letter X had been reached for commercial vehicles, with the private ones somewhat ahead), but the new EU-plates wrapped around the alphabet and started from "A" The only problem with doing this was, that many of these numbers were blocked, due to being retired too recently, so in order to avoid having to skip numbers all the time, new letter combinations were needed. It was decided to allow the letters F (previously reserved for the Faroe Isles), G (previously reserved for Greenland) and W (for some reason this letter had never been used before) So, rather than starting from AA, the new numbers started from AF, then AG, then AW, then BF, BG, BW and so on. Needless to say, with only 3 possible secondary letters to choose from, numbers advanced fast. The old, strict numbering system was still in place, by the way (the one that reserved specific number ranges for specific vehicle types) Numbering chaos soon evolved: before the EU-plate era, plates would be handed out sequentially, so an office would know, that they used, say, 50 plates on average per month, allowing them to predict quite accuately how many they'd need to order. But with the EU-plates as an option, it became impossible to predict, whether customers would prefer one type or the other, and unused stocks started to build up, leaving gaps in the numbers, gaps that would sometimes take several years to fill. This problem would accumulate the longer a "missed" plate had been left sitting on the shelf, because customers would be reluctant to accept a plate that made his/her new vehicle seem older than it was.
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    Сегодня в Белгороде замечена серия О-УС первая сотня.
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    Ранее не отмеченная в ЦФБ серия А***РТ763 А056РТ763
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    обработал что есть на сегодняшний день и несколько десятков за 2016-18 гг. в основном тип-3, не видел их ранее в поиске по-прежнему возможны как ошибки обработки, так и фактические ошибки (сейчас попадался 34 регион вместо 134, перепутаны буквы серии и т.д.) из интересного: O900-999OO198 O777CC777 - единичный номер, уже пробивается A001-999OO777
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