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  1. TEB 0-67 Parked in the small village of Poberschau (near Marienberg), Saxony, Germany Rear plate was (recently?) ripped off, so only the sides with screws remained. May 2016
  2. KUG 6-82 Monaco Top Cars Collection Monaco, January 2017 Plates appear to be accurate, but not used on the road (or just very low mileage - the rear seals do fall off after time!)
  3. Monaco 29-12-2016 15 11836 05
  4. Menton, France 2017 Africa Eco Race registration 30-12-2016 M6051 R2748
  5. Recreational Vehicle plate 6794-F 30-12-2016, Monaco 2017 Africa Eco Rally start
  6. Correct about "Q123 ABC" - this Q "unknown age" identifier is already present on the site. But these temporary import plates are issued to visitors who wish to not display their domestic plates, are not recognised to be used in the UK, or is unregistered in another country. Example I saw in London, November 2012: 528 = issue number Q = temporary 12 = March - August 2012 (as per usual plates) From gov.uk website: You must get temporary Q number plates from DVLA if you visit the UK for up to 6 months and either: your number plates display numbers or letters that aren’t identifiable in the UK, eg Arabic script your vehicle isn’t registered in its home country
  7. 1. It was actually a mistake on my behalf, I was confused about a different plate! So it can be ignored... 2 + 3. Okay, I wasn't sure if the style was to be suggested here or only a completely new type of plate. And about Romania square plates - I see it now, maybe my computer did not load the page properly when I was looking for it the other day! (It's not a very good computer!) On the topic of other formats, I have a few photos of Great Britain temporary import plates (xxx Q xx), but it is only worth adding if other members have lots of photos, they are quite rare to see here!
  8. UV 528 at the Lotus cars factory in Hethel, Norfolk, UK (August 2008)
  9. GO ALPEN-1 Bochum, Germany (we were sitting in solid traffic!) 24-3-2015