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Triumph / Триумф TR3

Номер Дании, Обычные

1958 Triumph TR3A.

Note the beginning of the license plate... TR3! The owner may have waited for the TR3 registrations to come up (in 1999), then traveled to a location where they were available, in order to get this exact number.

Tangkrogen, Aarhus, Denmark, at the classic car park of the 2014 CRAA car show.

кабриолет ретро номер под марку или модель ТС


  • Make: TRIUMPH
  • Model: TR 3A, UOPLYST
  • Model Year: 1958
  • Colour: Ukendt
  • VIN: TS36688L
  • Engine: Benzin
  • Status: Registreret
  • First Registration: 31. december 1958
  • Last Insurance: 19-03-2005, Status: Aktiv
  • Mileage: 154000 Km, 07-04-2015

Комментарии (3)

Major_Katz 2019-02-09 18:28:29 | #1

I see on the extra info section that the last mileage info was on 2015. Is it possible that the car has left Denmark?


Tasty 2019-02-09 19:16:54 | #2

No, it is still registered on these plates. The mileage info comes from the latest MOT (syn) in 2015. Vintage vehicles are allowed an 8 year gap between those, so the next scheduled MOT will be in 2023.


Tasty 2019-02-09 19:27:51 | #3

PS: It's easy to check the status of a vehicle. After "Last insurance" it says "status" - here there are only 2 options, either "aktiv" (active) or "afmeldt" (not active) - this term can cover anything from the car being retired for winter storage, over export, retired for sale to wreckage.

Some of the registry sites do have more precise info about the status (wreckage or export), and I always try to check, if relevant.


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