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1960 Meisner-Jensen Aster 3 motor pump

Meisner-Jensen was a small danish company, custom building fire fighting equipment on order for Falck.

Due to the rear support stands, it was impossible to get an unrestricted view of the plate from any angle, so I took several photos, making sure I'd be able to identify it when I got home. I'm uploading two photos here, together they show the whole plate.

Mindeparken, Aarhus, Denmark, at 2014 CRAA car show.

пожарный прицеп


  • Model: -, UOPLYST
  • Model Year: 1960
  • Colour: Ukendt
  • VIN: 605064
  • Engine: Benzin
  • Status: Registreret
  • First Registration: 31. december 1960
  • Police wanted: Not Wanted

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antenn 2019-02-05 01:06:36 | #1

This photo is enough on its own, the first digit can be recognised as 6  :)
If the plate is really not visible on the photo, you should insert a cutout from a better view, for example like this.


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